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Cad Cam Services from C&M Mould Tools


Our policy of working with component designers and end users as a partnership, is also crucial in the manufacture of prototype tooling.


One of the advantages of this working relationship is that your component will be developed with a view of the final production tool in mind. It seems false economy to make a basic aluminium mould and produce prototype mouldings without evaluating whether the component is suitable for production tooling, as that is always the ultimate aim. By utilising the production intent feed position, valuable lessons regarding distortion, ease of fill and gas traps can be learnt prior to hard tooling.


We make an enormous number of multi-impression Clip tools for the automotive industry. These have to perform to a strict Push-in & Pull-out force as well as a defined number of insertion & removal cycles. The single impression prototype tools under go extensive modification & tuning loops until these values can be achieved.

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